Yearly Archives: 2017

You are a Mentor

Mentoring someone in the workplace can be a wonderful way to help someone grow.  Sharing your experience offers real examples that another person can comprehend as they follow their own chosen career path.  For you, it can mean finding a renewed passion and appreciation in the work you do.  It can help you get over a…
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Meditation for Weight Loss

Science is now funding research on the health benefits of a practice that has been around for thousands of years.  Meditation is the practice of calming the mind.  The Buddhist goal of meditation is to develop mindfulness, tranquility and insight.  I have found my own healing and freedom along my Path using meditation as a…
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My first thought when I find myself in an uncomfortable situation is How do I get out of this? When I begin to feel an emotion I don’t want to feel, such things as anger, shame or sadness, my first thought is How can I ignore this feeling? Through meditation and yoga, I can see…
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