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Online Trauma Informed Yoga Classes

“Yoga opens you up to feeling every aspect of your body’s sensations. It’s a gentle, safe way for people to befriend their bodies, where the trauma of the past is stored.” “Our studies show that yoga is equally as beneficial—or more beneficial—than the best possible medications in alleviating traumatic stress symptoms. In the studies we did…
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Belly Breathing Belly breathing is a pranayama exercise developed to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It’s physical benefits include improved circulation, better digestive functions and lower blood pressure. The practice takes only 3 - 5 minutes. You can do this several times each day.  Simply click on the link and follow along with me. 
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The Unknown

Change is a constant in life.  As much as we try to maintain the status quo, we are also asking for more.  We are asking for better lives, better health, better relationships.  When change begins, our initial instinct is to resist because it is unfamiliar.  Our body tightens.  We begin to experience fear.  This fear…
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Yoga Stretches When You Wake Up

When we wake up each morning, our body may be rested, however, still achy and stiff.  Join me for these gentle yoga movements right when you get out of bed. @shawmcpherson  I lead private, trauma informed yoga instruction, guiding people through their emotions. My workshops take this work further to help participants tap into…
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Ease Shoulder Pain

In this video, I will discuss and demonstrate an effective way to open the shoulders, improve range of motion and ease shoulder pain.
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Waking Up to Dread

There were consistent mornings, before my eyes would open, that the feelings of dread and worry had taken over my head.  As soon as I opened my eyes, I said to myself, “Ugh!” Maybe it was about facing the challenging day ahead?  Anticipating the upcoming pressures and stress that were certain to occur.  Perhaps I…
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