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My first thought when I find myself in an uncomfortable situation is How do I get out of this? When I begin to feel an emotion I don’t want to feel, such things as anger, shame or sadness, my first thought is How can I ignore this feeling? Through meditation and yoga, I can see…
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How Do I Value Myself – Daily Contemplation

December 26, 2016 We Give so much in life to others.  We need to take time to give to ourselves.  Taking time to look at How We Value Ourselves is such a rewarding way to Give to ourselves.  How do I live my own life?  What makes me unique?  Can I honor these qualities?  Can…
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Decision Making

Osho wrote that intuition is the highest rung of the ladder.  Instinct is from the animal world, the lowest form of consciousness.  Intellect is that mid level form of consciousness that is about rational and calculated thinking.   Notice that all of these words begin with I - N.  In, Inward, Inside, With-In.   Osho…
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How to Be Grateful when you are not feeling Grateful

All of these self-help blogs (including the one you are reading), videos, books and articles talk about being grateful these days.  When I am feeling off, the last thing I want to do is to feel grateful.  There is now scientific evidence that we can change the way we feel.  We can choose to change…
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Releasing Patterns of Self-Sabotage – Part 2

Several years ago, I was enrolled in a yoga teacher training.  It was not my first teacher training and I still had no desire to teach yoga.  I have taken yoga and enrolled in teacher trainings because it was proving to be a useful tool for me to manage stress.  I kept growing my practice…
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Releasing Patterns of Self-Sabotage – part 1

Self Sabotage is a conscious or unconscious method to hamper or hurt one’s self.  We experience many examples through procrastination, alcohol, drugs, food, television, video games, self-harm; just to name a few.  These may seem like good ideas at the time, but they contribute to continuing a pattern in our life that holds us back…
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