Helping Others

How does helping others actually help me?   When I get mine, I’ll help you get yours.   Where is mine? -Helping others shifts my awareness away from my challenges. -Why is this person coming to me for my help?  Do they trust me?  Do they value my input? -Does this person think I can…
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Facing Challenge

Sometimes challenge for me is a feeling of being stagnant,   feeling stuck. The first thing I do is Pause. Look at the situation.  Just Observe the situation. Identify the situation. Have I been in a similar situation before? Can I draw from past experience to know I will get through this? Can I ask myself,  "What I…
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Write a New Ending to Your Story

Sometimes we focus too much on what we don’t want and get stuck there. We can take a different approach. When we are aware of something that we don’t want. Use this as an indicator to look at what it is that we do want. Look at a situation in your life that you want…
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