CELEBRATING CHANGE – The End of One Year Moves to a New Day

The End of One Year Moves to a New Day

During the course of my day, week and year, I strive to set goals and take action on these goals.  I add new things to each day.  I follow up on action steps.  I seek change.  However, there is something inside that wants to stay in my comfortable surroundings for fear of the unknown.  A fear of uncertainty.  A fear of “What if…?”  My daily meditation practice makes me aware that my attachment to this level of comfort is not a good place, since that is how I remain stuck.  Meditation also creates an awareness that whether I accept change or not, life is continually changing and evolving.  

New Year’s Eve always brings revelry, excitement, celebration and resolutions.  

We congratulate ourselves and others for getting through 365 days of experiences.

We count down to the end of one day on a calendar and welcome a new day.

We cheer, toast and kiss an ending and a new beginning.

We vow to do something to change and grow.

This celebration of change is decorated with bubbling champagne, brilliant fireworks, delightful food, colorful confetti and even an elegant outfit.  This is a day of change we anticipate with great expectations.  

I find it fascinating that we celebrate one day in a year for change, yet the other 364 days I can be in fear of the change.  I have had several experiences in change during 2016.  As I look back on all the changes that have taken place in my life this past year, I cannot help seeing my own resistance to those changes.  I also see that this resistance added unnecessary suffering to an already difficult situation.  In most cases, when I see change coming, my first thought is “No!”  If I remain in that place, I am creating resistance.  

There have been times this past year (just a few, OK 2) that I acknowledged the change, accepted the change and approached change as if I am the captain of a ship.  I observed the situation and evaluate options, choices and solutions.  During these changes, I allowed life to unfold, remaining present to any necessary action on my part.  I did not allow any unnecessary drama or suffering to my life - or to those around me.  I changed a behavior.  I acknowledged my emotional growth to trust.  I realized I can make life more difficult than it needs to be.  I successfully navigated through change.  One lesson I will hold on to is this:

I Can Trust that Life is Changing for my Greatest Good

My daily meditation practice grounds me, centers me.  From this place, I can experience the present moment.  When I am in the present moment, I can be aware of myself, others and current experiences.  If I am aware, I can approach life in a mindful way, with purpose, instead of in fear.  

My resolution for 2017 is to celebrate change in my life more frequently throughout the year.  To take some celebratory action to welcome change when I feel it coming.  While I cannot stop change,  I know I can navigate through change with Grace and Trust.

A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it. --Chinese Proverb

Wishing you all Happy and Healthy Change

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  1. I will pray for grace and trust to consent tafther than resist change - great article !

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