Decision Making

Osho wrote that intuition is the highest rung of the ladder.  Instinct is from the animal world, the lowest form of consciousness.  Intellect is that mid level form of consciousness that is about rational and calculated thinking.  

Notice that all of these words begin with I - N.  In, Inward, Inside, With-In.  

Osho believed that our alignment comes from honoring all of these levels of conscious thinking, not just to gravitate to one.

Current scientific study has shown that our brain is actually set up like this.  Our instinct is that fight or flight response.  Our Intellect rationalizes situation and calculates a response.  While our intuition is about mindfulness; how we make authentic choices for ourselves and others.

Many times if we make a decision solely using Instinct, we operate out of fear.

Using just Intellect, we may self-sabotage, we may run over someone else, we may people please.

In using Intuition alone, since it is a new concept to us, we may not make the best deal for ourselves.  We may be taken advantage of.  We may give up too much.

Quick decisions based solely on one area of the brain, may not lead to Your Highest Good.

In decision making, ask yourself these questions?

     Am I in danger in this situation?

     What emotion am I experiencing in this situation?

     What are my options in this situation?

     What is my desired outcome from this situation?

     How will this decision impact others?

     What could go wrong?

     What could go right?

Honor all parts of Your thinking process.  Knowing all the information for living Your authentic life.

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