Facing Challenge

Sometimes challenge for me is a feeling of being stagnant,   feeling stuck.

The first thing I do is Pause.

Look at the situation.  Just Observe the situation.

Identify the situation.

Have I been in a similar situation before?

Can I draw from past experience to know I will get through this?

Can I ask myself,  "What I can learn from this situation?"

Can I ask myself,  "How can I grow from this experience?"

Can I lean in towards this situation instead of backing away.

This situation was put on my Path for a reason.  What is it?

Can I embrace a Curiosity?

Can I seek help?

Can I simply look at what I can do right now in this situation?

Can I take care of myself during this situation?

Can I show myself Compassion in this situation?

Can I Love myself during this situation?

Can I say "I Love You" to myself right now.

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