Helping Others

How does helping others actually help me?  

When I get mine, I’ll help you get yours.  

Where is mine?

-Helping others shifts my awareness away from my challenges.

-Why is this person coming to me for my help?  Do they trust me?  Do they value my input?

-Does this person think I can help them?

-Perhaps I have been through their experience and I can share my experience with them.

Perhaps I can reflect on my own growth in dealing with this particular situation.

-Perhaps by helping someone else realize they will get through this, I may understand that I will get through my challenge as well.

-Can I take my own advice?

-Can I show myself the same care and compassion I am giving others?

-In seeing others get through their challenges, can I know I will find a solution to mine?

-Just like this person seeking my help, can I talk to someone about my situation?

-Am I listening to my inner voice?  Can I, just for today, look inside and listen?

-Can I remember that all things have a beginning, a middle and an end?  Just like a yoga class.  Just like my challenges.  Just like that pint of ice cream I ate last night.

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