How Do I Value Myself – Daily Contemplation

December 26, 2016

We Give so much in life to others.  We need to take time to give to ourselves.  Taking time to look at How We Value Ourselves is such a rewarding way to Give to ourselves.  How do I live my own life?  What makes me unique?  Can I honor these qualities?  Can I acknowledge these qualities more frequently?  I invite you to reflect on these statements today in Your Life.

Do I put my needs first or last or somewhere in between?

What do I tell myself when I make a mistake?

Do I take what comes along?

Do I have goals?

Do I take steps towards those goals?

Do I believe in myself?

Do I believe in what I am doing?


I am Loyal

I am Accomplished.

I am Abundant.  Life is abundant.

I am Approachable

I am Bold.

I am Capable.

I am Charming

I am Committed

I am Dependable

I am Determined

I am Elegant

I am Fearless

I am Financially Independent

I am Joyful

I am Loving

I seek to help others along their path.

I am inspiring

I am taking steps towards living my life to the fullest.

What are ways I take care of myself?

What can I add to my self-care list?

When money and other people are removed from the equation, who am I?

Am I being the ultimate vision of myself?

Am I living that ultimate vision of myself?

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