How to Be Grateful when you are not feeling Grateful

All of these self-help blogs (including the one you are reading), videos, books and articles talk about being grateful these days.  When I am feeling off, the last thing I want to do is to feel grateful.  There is now scientific evidence that we can change the way we feel.  We can choose to change our perception and the way we are observing our current state of mind.  When practicing Gratitude, on less than stellar days,  I have to get really basic and start really small.  

I begin with small statements of contemplation.  

I’m Grateful to be Awake this morning - “Eh, I’d really like to stay in bed and hide under the comforter today.”

Let’s start smaller.

I love Palm Trees.  I first saw an Imperial Palm in Panama when I was a young boy.  They are so majestic and elegant.  I am grateful for Palm Trees.

As a child, one of my favorite desserts was Butterscotch Pudding.  The taste, the smell - it just puts a smile on my face remembering those days and how happy I was eating this delicious treat.  I am Grateful for Butterscotch Pudding.


Ok, this is beginning to work.  Let’s start getting Bigger.


The sun is shining and I didn’t have to do anything.  I am grateful for the Sunshine.

I get to explore life today.

I get to live in this beautifully creative city.

I woke up to take care of my physical, emotional and mental well being.

I am surrounded by others who are here to take care of their physical, emotional and mental well being.

I have an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone today.

I get a chance to take a step  towards my dreams today.

I get to show up for others today.

I get to shine today.

I have an opportunity to nurture myself today.

I have an opportunity to smile today.  Right now.  Right now.

I have an opportunity to make someone’s day today.

I get to say I love you to someone today.

Maybe, I can say I love you to myself right now.

Today, I get to be Me.

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