Releasing Patterns of Self-Sabotage – part 1

Self Sabotage is a conscious or unconscious method to hamper or hurt one’s self.  We experience many examples through procrastination, alcohol, drugs, food, television, video games, self-harm; just to name a few.  These may seem like good ideas at the time, but they contribute to continuing a pattern in our life that holds us back from living life freely on our own unique Path.

Take a moment and reflect back on a moment of regret in your life.  What were the circumstances surrounding that event.  What did your life look like at the time?  What was your financial situation?  Look at the pain and stress you felt at that time which led to the decision you made.  Comfort yourself right now for those feelings of grief, shame and despair.  Really comfort yourself as you would comfort a child.

What purpose is Grief serving in our life today?  Grief is sadness or sorrow.  Grief is generally brought about by loss.  A sadness or sorrow brought about by loss or abandonment means that we have an attachment or even a love for a particular person or situation.  Can we, then turn this feeling of grief into an acknowledgement of our love for something or someone?  Simply recognize that we are capable of Love.  

What purpose is Shame serving in our life today?  What could someone have said to you at that time to comfort you?  What did you learn from that situation?  What options did you have at that time?  What options and tools do you have today because of that experience?  How would you help someone else facing this same experience today?  Can I comfort myself now and know that this situation has given me tools to help myself and help others?

What purpose is Despair serving in our life today?  The loss of hope can be daunting, but is it really true?  Change is a constant in our life.  No situation ever stays the same.          

New people come into our lives everyday - if we allow them.                                              

New opportunities present themselves - if we are open to them.                                          

New experiences beckon us - if we continue to show up.                                                        

Isn’t the presence of Despair really a lie that our Ego tells us?  It is that familiar, negative voice inside that thinks every situation belongs in the “Worst-Case Scenario Handbook.” When has Despair really been telling us the truth?  

The real truth is that We are Strong and Capable to navigate through life when are compassionate and loving to ourselves.  Think about how you would respond to a friend or a child facing a similar challenge.  Can we just take a moment to find compassion for ourselves.  Can we take a moment to forgive ourselves and learn.  Can we see this reflection of our past as an opportunity to grow out of our patterns?

“I did the best I could at that time given the tools I had.  Today is a new day and I have new tools for living life.  Today, I am Me.”

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  1. I find a great deal of comfort in reading this, so when you said to comfort yourself I continued to read. I recently was very lucky to have an incredible experience with you down in Mexico. I can easily say the yoga instruction and class you taught on the rooftop overlooking the pacific was hands up, down and heart centered the best and most enlightening yoga experience I've ever had. The personal attention to my back (which is fused with two metal bars and 6 screws) and the insight on how to care for it with more than just poses, but with thought and practice. I store personal stress and emotion there and you've helped me unload and release the baggage of energy I tie my back up with like lightning rods.. wow you blew me away and I am ever grateful for the lessons I now apply to my practice and life ventures. I look forward to the next lesson! Thank you!

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