Breath and movement, harmony and tranquility – this is how yoga connects our minds and our bodies in a loving and kind way. Your unique history and experiences will be respected through personalizedyoga instruction that will center and guide you with empathy and grace. These sessions may take place in my yoga studio or at your home.

Gently move your body through expert yoga sequences that support recovery from physical injury, addiction issues and emotional trauma. Yoga for emotional and physical trauma allows you to reclaim your body and, over time, navigate through emotions with greater ease. All too often, people who experience trauma mentally and emotionally detach from their bodies. Becoming aware of our bodies allows us to recognize the need to relieve pain, fear and stress, thus giving us the tools to have a healthy and loving relationship with our body.

From this place of being, we can feel safe and comfortable in this place of knowing we are capable, we are good; we are loved. Let me guide you to your well being.


Guided Mediation

Experience the peace of being present in your own body. Gain clarity on the next right action in conscious decision making. A healthy awareness of our place in this world is our first step in living our authentic life. A consistent meditation practice offers us the pathway of awareness to help shift our responses and reactions to life. This mindfulness allows us to embrace our unique sense of Self.

My guided meditations focus on authentic contemplations that address emotions and emotional responses to life. Why do we do what we do? Do we react in fear or avoidance, and do these reactions cause stress on our bodies? Meditation grounds us and helps us regulate, process and accept emotions we try to bury and avoid. In allowing ourselves to freely accept our current states of being, our bodies and minds are released of certain stresses and worries. These are steps to clarity as a means to more confidently walk through our lives with strength and love. Are you ready to begin your own journey?


Corporate Workshops

The goal begins with happy and productive employees contributing to the growth and success of an organization. Your business will benefit from customized workshops that encourage team members to consider deep questions about how they think, feel and react; what is their inner monologue and how does it inform the choices they make, at work and at home?

These workshops focus on tapping into one's own intuition and creativity, helping individuals make authentic choices. When we take action and express our authentic selves, from our authentic voices, we feel invigorated, passionate and joyful. Corporate workshops guide participants on an inner journey to one's inner voice of truth and speaking that truth.

Many times during the day we are confronted with choices. When we make decisions that are based on fear or conditioned responses, our bodies respond with pain and suffering. We don’t speak our truth. This leads to resentment, fatigue and overall unhappiness. We do not acknowledge a truth because we don’t want to hurt someone's feelings, only for that choice to come back later and create challenges in our lives. Decisions like these are the seeds of worry in our life, and my workshops provide a centered, grounded place for individuals to consider alternative reactions to these every day challenges. The outcome and goal of this workshop is to lead a productive and joyful life in the workplace, at home and in life. My workshops help guide companies and team members to a genuine Path and purpose. The tools gained in these workshops help each participant contribute in a more genuine and satisfying way.



  • $195 per individual session
  • 10 sessions - $1755
  • 20 sessions - $3120


  • $150 per session
  • 10 sessions - $1350
  • 20 sessions - $2400

Corporate Workshops