My employees commented on my calm demeanor at work after only three weeks of yoga and meditation with Shaw.


My doctor recommended yoga after I had an injury. Now my body feels stronger and more balanced - emotionally and physically.


Meditation didn't click for me until Shaw took me through my first guided meditation. Shaw is the real deal and I don't know what I would do without him.


My time with Shaw has been more of a life movement than simply an experience. Shaw's ability to help you transform your mind to a place you saw unattainable, can only be described as a gift.
I could only hope that everyone would be fortunate enough to experience the assistance of Shaw in gaining more peace and guidance in life. My gratitude and love for this man, and his work, cannot be described in simple words. He taught me how to live in this mind, body and world.


Shaw's yoga and meditation sessions are in a class all of their own. He has an amazing ability to get even the most challenged individuals into a deep meditative state. I highly cherish his guidance and skills that he has shown me.