“The moment there is no fear, you have very strong feelings. The stronger you feel, the less you are concerned about small things. It is fear that drives away all feeling of beauty, of the quality of great silence.”    - Jiddu Krishnamurti

If we take action while in a state of fear, we are opening ourselves up to potential self-sabotage and unnecessary risk.  A daily meditation practice can give us the tools to pause and observe where we are emotionally.  The ability to see that we are in a state of fear is an empowering place to be.  It is from this state of awareness that we properly navigate through fear and into proper action.  In his books, Jiddu Krishnamurti talks about looking at fear as one side of a coin.  The other side of the coin is what we actually want.  If we are meditating on a regular basis, we can stop the worry and anxiety long enough to recognize we are in fear.  When we do this, we can look for solution, we can, as Krishnamurti explains, turn the coin over and look at what we want.

Once we have identified what we want, we relax.  We begin to look for the Path to get to that place.  We take steps in that direction.  Most importantly, we leave the worry and step into solution.  We are no longer making fear based decisions.

I have listed examples of fear below and what the other side of that coin may look like.

The Fear Side of the Coin                 The Other Side of the Coin

I am judged about my weight            I want to be healthy

I don’t have enough money              I want to be abundant

I’m depressed                                   I want to be happy and filled                                                                                                                                                                        with joy

I’m Angry                                          I want to be happy and filled                                                                                                                                                                         with joy

I am worried he/she will leave me      I want to be loved

I’m scared of dying                            I want to live

I miss him/her                                   I can acknowledge my love for this person

What if something bad happens?     What if something good happens?


In looking at this other side of the coin, we can identify and choose our unique course of action.  We have, then, embraced our inner wisdom and power.  We can now take confident steps along our own unique Path.

As we continually practice looking at this other side of the coin, fear can be seen as a catalyst to what we want and how to take steps in that direction.  Fear, then, no longer contributes to our paralysis, emotional triggers and procrastination.


For me, many times the root of my fear is, “I won’t live the life of my dreams.”

The other side of that coin is “I want to live the life of my dreams.”

The action I take is to take steps everyday on things I want to do and achieve.  From this shift in perception, my truth becomes, “I am living the life of my dreams and therefore my life is unfolding accordingly.”

What is your fear today?  What is on the other side of your coin?  What actions will you take today to living a fulfilling life?

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