Waking Up to Dread

There were consistent mornings, before my eyes would open, that the feelings of dread and worry had taken over my head.  As soon as I opened my eyes, I said to myself,


Maybe it was about facing the challenging day ahead?  Anticipating the upcoming pressures and stress that were certain to occur.  Perhaps I was predicting, yet another day of “More of the Same.”  Think of the movie Groundhog’s Day without the comedy of Bill Murray.  Or another day of enduring back pain.  Once again, pushing through the day, pretending I’m fine.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, I realized I had a choice I could make before I got out of bed.  I have a choice, in all of these examples, to have a better day.

Meetings, Criticism, A Disgruntled Co-Worker, An Unhappy Client.

What unpleasant possibilities are in store the day?  This outlook on the day makes my body heavy and requires extra strength to get out of bed.

A quick exercise before getting up can change these thoughts.  The idea is that 5 positive affirmations counter 1 negative thought.  By reciting personal I AM statements upon awakening, we can remember who we are.  We can move from fear into knowing – knowing that we have the strength to handle each situation we are facing.  I have listed some examples below.  Feel free to use them or create your own unique I AM statements.

I am Bold              I am Abundant     I am Courageous       I am Helpful

I am Beautiful       I am Strong           I am Adventurous     I am Elegant

I am Capable        I am Worthy         I am Joyful                 I am Loving

I am Giving           I am Receiving     I am Smart                  I am Me

Groundhog’s Day

I also like to call this The Hamster Wheel.  I am just completely numbed out over the idea of the same thing day after day, moment to moment.  I feel like a robot moving from one task or activity to the next.  Even my beloved Peet’s coffee becomes a dreaded pattern on days like this.

Here are some solutions that have worked for me…

Take a new route to/from work today.

Take a short walk after lunch and observe the outdoors.  Notice the birds.  Notice the plants.  Hear laughter in the distance.

Make a healthy choice for lunch.  Just for today.  (Now don’t pretend it’s New Year’s Day and start another series of resolutions.  Remember, just for today)

Call a friend and simply let them know you were thinking about them.

Argh, my back again!

“I don’t have time for this pain today.”

“I just have to push through it and…

…make breakfast for the kids.”

…get them to school.”

…get to work.”

…muscle through it.”

I am a yoga teacher and sometimes (ok, many times) I forget I can get my body in a better place in less than 10 minutes.  I put everything from the upcoming day ahead of my own needs.

We live in a society of networking and immediate gratification.  There is so much information and countless tools available to get minor aches and pains taken care of within a short period of time.  Sometimes a gentle 10 minute stretch when we wake up and again when we go to bed can make a tremendous improvement in how we feel.  Check out an online video or private message me for more information.

I hope you find a way to make your day brighter.  I hope you find a way to show up as your authentic self today and make someone else’s day brighter.

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