You are a Mentor

Mentoring someone in the workplace can be a wonderful way to help someone grow.  Sharing your experience offers real examples that another person can comprehend as they follow their own chosen career path.  For you, it can mean finding a renewed passion and appreciation in the work you do.  It can help you get over a challenging hurdle when discussing your decision making process with someone you are mentoring.  Mentoring is a way to leave a lasting mark in the world.

Sometimes the obvious person to mentor is the last person you consider.  Several years ago, I was speaking with a friend who was frustrated with work; dealing with office politics and drama.  He was feeling challenged by one employee in particular.  After listening to examples of this person’s behavior and attitude that were negatively affecting my friend, I asked,

“Who does this person reminded you of?”

He was visibly stunned by this question.  After an awkward silence, he responded,

“Me.  The person reminds me of me when I was younger and new in this business.”

He then offered,

“I have never looked at it that way before.”

Mindfulness in the workplace can give us the opportunity to help another person.  In the midst of our own challenges, we can look for opportunities to help someone else.  At that time, everyone in the country was dealing with the financial crisis and its effects on them.  My friend decided to help someone.  He made the decision to invite this coworker to lunch.


In 1992, when I entered the hotel industry, the hiring manager sat across from me asking the typical interview questions.  At the end of the interview, she asked if I had any questions.

I asked, “What makes a good manager?”

She told me,

“A good manager is one who promotes her employees.”

That statement has been with me since that day.


Sometimes it is prompted by a crisis.  Sometimes it is a feeling of being stagnant in our current job.  However, if we look around, we can always find someone we can help.  Why wait for the crisis?  Why wait for boredom to set in?  Find someone to mentor.  Feel the joy and fulfillment of being a part of someone else’s journey and growth.

Who around you right now reminds you of a younger you?

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